Monthly Bookkeeping

We will process and reconcile bank statements for your checking, savings, and credit card accounts on a monthly basis.

Historical Clean-Up (prior tax years)

We will perform a retrospective review and correction of financial records to prepare all necessary information for the initial or amended tax filings for the previous tax years. Reasons for undertaking this process may include identifying errors, ensuring compliance with changing tax regulations, rectifying misclassifications, and addressing discrepancies in financial reporting.

Monthly Review & Reconciliation

If someone on your team processes bank transactions, we will then login monthly, reconcile your bank statements and make sure all transactions were recorded correctly.

Management Reporting

We will setup and schedule standard financial reports in the QuickBooks Online or develop a custom-made package tailored to your managerial needs.

Catch-Up Bookkeeping (current tax year)

We will bring your current year financial books up to date which involves reconciling and updating financial records that may be incomplete or outdated.

Tax and Audit Support

We will coordinate and facilitate external audits, ensuring timely and accurate provision of required information, address audit findings and implement corrective actions.